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Bespoke Suits - The Miguel's Experience

Clients visiting our show room can expect a truly personal experience. For almost a decade, we’ve crafted the world’s finest garments for clients who demand the very best. There’s a reason we inspire loyalty in our diverse array of clients spanning all over Hampton Roads, Fortune 500 CEOs, world-class athletes and award winning actors and musicians. We invite you to join the club.







Begin your journey by selecting the perfect fabric from thousands of colors and patterns. Personalize each piece with design elements such as signature lapels and vibrant linings, for a truly custom creation.

We take over 30 measurements, checking everything from body circumferences to shoulder slope, posture and arm position. Using this information, we draft your bespoke pattern – the blueprint from which your garments will be cut.

Next, we fit you in a test garment made from this pattern. This trial fitting ensures that the pattern contours precisely to your silhouette.

Once your pattern is perfected, your garments will be hand-cut and brought to life by a master tailor using the finest old-world craftsmanship.

When your garments are finished, we’ll perform a final fitting to ensure every detail meets your expectations. Any further adjustments will be completed on-site in our New York tailor shop.

Now the real experience begins as you move through the world wearing a one-of-a-kind garment made just for you.

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You're an individual and your clothes should be tailored accordingly


The fit of Miguel’s custom clothing is our biggest priority and the most distinguishing feature of your garment. To provide you truly custom pieces, our Professional Clothiers complete a thorough 28-Point Fit Profile to create an original pattern exclusive to YOU.

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